R. Mastrangelo Lanscaping
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Our Work

Our commercial properties can expect only the highest standard of craftsmanship from us. We work around your deadlines to provide superior results. Our team is highly skilled and we pay extreme attention to small details throughout our projects.

Contact us for help with: 

  • Brickwork and privacy walls
  • Commercial and residential property masonry
  • Privacy walls, property edging, construction areas
  • Driveway edging - backyard walkways

Property Value

We take a cooperative approach, developing the design concept together with our clients, tailoring the service according to their taste, needs and budget. We can design everything from pergolas and walkways to details such as fencing, plantings, brick type, finish, and gravel options.

Brickwork & Walkways

We prepare brickwork by outlining varieties, numbers, spacing and brick types, followed by the sourcing and selection of quality bricks or cement and finally the setting out to complete projects quickly.

We work with a small selection of specialist brick-workers for the highest quality outcome for each project .

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